The holidays are over and if you are anything like me, you might be facing a little post-Christmas guilt over how much money you spent making jolly this year. Or maybe you were fiscally mature this year, minding your budget, yet there is another area that is showing signs of overindulgence, your waistline. That fancy feasting food gets us every time.

Now January is upon you and you are probably making resolutions. I’m right there with you. This year, however, I’m not making resolutions that I won’t keep - been there, done that. This year, I’m taking a higher road and adopting one and only one resolution – An Attitude of Gratitude!

In 2011, I resolve to appreciate and focus on the things that I have, rather than the things that I want or don’t have. We are raised to focus on me, myself and I and so I resolve to be grateful for what me, myself and I have. I’m not saying to sit around and do nothing; I’m just challenging you to stop lamenting about what was, to appreciate what is, and to move forward with plans that mean something to you.

You might be thinking you don’t have that much to be grateful for this year. The economy keeps throwing challenges our way, and for most of you, just getting by has become the rule rather than the exception.

Take a moment and visit - a site that will tell you where you rank among the world’s richest people. The World Bank Development Research Group compiled this list and when you see where you rank, you will immediately adopt An Attitude of Gratitude.

Time to get back to work but first let me thank all of you for reading this blog and for being a part of what this dealership is doing in the community. We believe in all of you and you are the first thing on my list of things I am grateful for! I’m also grateful for steak, warm sunny days on the lake, a sleepy Sunday morning, and a cold beer on a hot day, or any day for that matter!

Happy 2011 . . . Let’s make it a great one!