Budget Car Sales of Muldraugh and Radcliff
Muldraugh Address: 716 S Dixie Hwy Muldraugh, Kentucky, 40155. Muldraugh Phone: 877 514 0994. Radcliff Address: 1535 S Dixie Blvd, Kentucky 40160. Radcliff Phone: 877-370-0690. Tony Malito, Car Dealer For The People.

The Story Of Uncle Sam

Hey Folks! September is a time for celebration and remembrance. Either way you slice it, it’s one month that reminds me every year why I’m proud to be an American. I can just imagine Uncle Sam smiling down on us as summer ends and the air starts to cool. But I was thinking the other […]

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Have a Good Fall, Y’all!

So who’s ready for a nice glass of ice-cold lemonade? How about another barbeque? A trip to the beach? Not so much, eh? As much as we love the outdoor activities and flavors of summer, when fall swings around they just don’t appeal to us as much. Maybe it’s the cooler weather. Or maybe people […]

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Yellow Bus Rides Again

It’s back-to-school for thousands of local children, and it’s making me a bit nostalgic for my own school days. Sometimes I wish I could hop right back on that yellow bus and head back to school right along with the kids. But being a grown-up has some serious advantages. We get to make the rules! […]

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Cold Drinks, Treats & Eats

Hip, hip, hooray! July’s a month of fun and frolic. The kids are out of school. The calendar’s chocked full of activity. Parades and picnics abound. Vacation is either right around the corner, or already a fantastic memory. And really the only hitch in this whole blissful season is, it’s so unbelievably hot! So, I’m […]

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Let’s Go To The Movies

Summertime and movies go together like bread and butter—you can’t have one without the other. When the temperature rises, people everywhere flock to the movies to escape the heat and enjoy the best Hollywood has to offer. And I’m no exception. Can’t wait to find another really good movie to add to my list of […]

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Race Time

It’s the time when everyone and anyone that has anything to do with horse racing heads to the Derby—one of the most incredible sporting events of the year. Around here, it’s absolutely Derby crazy this time of year.   If you’ve decided to stay home this year, why not throw a Kentucky Derby party to […]

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