You know, hot dogs lately seem to get a bad rap. And I get it on some level. These familiar warm-weather friends may seem like a blue-collar addition to any barbecue menu, but with a little creativity, they can easily be rescued from the forgotten realm of the kids' table. Try out some of these inventive toppings at your next cookout in honor of National Hot Dog Month.


Tiki Dog

Use chicken sausages for this recipe. Wrap each sausage in a piece of bacon and slather with teriyaki sauce before grilling. After cooking, top with a warm salsa made of grilled pineapple and chopped red onion. Drizzle with more teriyaki sauce.



Mac and Cheese Dog

Sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, top a classic hotdog with macaroni-and-cheese. Topping it with extra shredded cheese is option, but encouraged!



Southern Dog

Top your favorite frankfurter with pimento cheese, mustard, and diced onions.



Detroit-Style Coney Dog

Top cooked hot dogs with a can of chile sauce without beans, add diced onion and prepared yellow mustard.



Skunk Dog

For those who like to mix the sweet and savory, slather your dog in marshmallow crème and hot fudge, then drizzle melted peanut butter on top.



There you have it: five delicious ways to break out of your ketchup and mustard rut and up your hot dog game. Now let's get grillin'!