There are 2 kinds of people in the world. The organized and the rest of us. For those of you who fall into the organized category, all of us “regular” people surely envy your ability to make order out of chaos. Your ability to command clutter and control chaos is admirable.

And for everyone else, keep reading. This month, I’ve put together a Spring Clean Strategy For Dummies. Do these steps and watch control fall over your life and household, at least for a little while.

Ok, time to get started:


*Take the Trash Out – Spend one day with a garbage bag in your hand and get rid of everything you don’t need and things that are broken and unsalvageable. Don’t stop at your house. Go out to your car and throw away everything that isn’t serving a purpose (or move it back into the house). Think of yourself as a trash superhero – you are conquering the clutter, one garbage can at a time.

*Donate – Gather together anything you can donate to charity or friends. Most of us could get rid of 30% our belongings and be just fine. Often the most organized are those with the least amount of stuff. They know when to move stuff out. Take a clue from the masters of clean and clear out your unused items.

* Out with the old, in with new. Store away winter coats, sports equipment, etc. Take time to organize closets. Don’t attempt to do this all in one day. Plan to organize one closet a week until you are done.

Shine, Sweep & Suck!

*Clean surfaces. Declutter shelves. Dust and windex like a mad man. Wipe away fingerprints and watch the sun come in through those clear windows. After you’ve rid yourself of dust bunnies, break out the broom and vacuum and get those floors clean. Ok, you’re almost done. Time to mop those floors. If you have a steamer, you can steam the grime away. With floors and counters clean, you should start feeling a little crisper. Might be time to invite a few friends over but first . . .

Make Your Bed!

*Studies have shown that people who make their bed everyday have a stronger feeling of control. Start your day organized and you are more likely to stay that way. So make your bed, every day. It might even be time to invest in some new sheets for spring!

Control Your Clutter!

*Control the clutter as it comes into your house. This means sorting your mail immediately and tossing items that are unnecessary. Whenever you bring in a new item, immediately get rid of something else. These easy strategies will keep the chaos from piling up around you.

Ok, all done. Doesn’t it feel good to be clean? Now in a few months when you’ve forgotten this brief lesson, you can do it all over again. Yeah, right!