Crunch. Crunch. Munch.

Sitting here devouring a bowl of Lucky Charms. Magically delicious and not so nutritious.

As I stare down at these little marshmallow hearts and clovers, it gets me thinking about St. Patty's Day, the "Luck of the Irish" and the green fun that is upon us in a few weeks.

And about how some of my friends live and die by their personal lucky charms. In fact, I know one grown man who won't go fishing without his lucky hat, EVER, but he'll remain nameless of course. You know who you are, friend.

What about you? Do you have a lucky charm?

Whatever the answer, most of us want more good luck to come our way so I say, let's tip the scales in our favor!

Here are two things you can do right now to attract good luck into your life, without a charm or a bowl of cereal at your side . . .


Know What You Want

Being focused on a goal is the first step to achieving it. So if you want good things to happen to you, you have to clearly know what those things are. Our mind is a powerful tool. People underestimate the power of the mind to make things happen. You can attract what you believe you will get. So go ahead and take some time to determine what you want; before long, you will be surprised at how lucky you are!

Fill Your Mind & Body With Positive Input

Successful people (aka lucky people) continually seek out knowledge and ways to improve themselves. Be very purposeful with how you spend your time. Read. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Cut down on negative influences and watch how fast this positive input transforms your everyday life.

Lucky people are also healthy people. So take charge of your health and mental state now. Sleep more, eat less, smile, expect to have a good day, and believe that good things are on their way to you.

OK, my cereal is a bit soggy now. Guess I'd better eat this apple now. After all, an apple a day is sure to get good luck on its way!!!

Interesting Factoid:

"The percentage of Lucky Charms consumers who are adults has risen to 45%, said Greg Pearson, the brand's marketing manager. As a result, the brand posted its best volume year ever in fiscal 2012, according to General Mills. Overall, Lucky Charms is now the seventh-largest cold cereal brand, with sales up 5.64% to $252.6 million in the 52 weeks ending Oct. 7, outpacing category-wide growth of 0.83%."