There are all kinds of people in this world. There are the wine versus beer people. The football versus soccer people. The health food versus junk food people. And then, and I know this from personal experience, there are the pie versus cake people. And I, I am a pie person and for all of us pie people, November is our month to enjoy everything pie.

Pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate cream pie, cherry pie . . . my mouth waters as I dream about that glorious after dinner moment when the pies roll out. I’ve even come to think of pumpkin pie as a perfectly acceptable post-Thanksgiving breakfast (and lunch and snack) but eventually the pie supply will dry up and the waistline will scream, “No more pie, you piggy pie person!”

Remember as a child when you dreamed about the day when you could grow up and begin every meal with dessert? How about realizing that childhood fantasy this year by serving pie first? You may receive a few sideway glances from your dear Aunt Margaret but I ensure you that the PIE PEOPLE at your table, and all the kids for sure, will remember your Thanksgiving feast as the best yet.

Okay, serving the pie first may be a little too crazy of an idea for you. I know that I can’t talk anyone in my family into it. So I’ll just rush through dinner, eating my turkey and stuffing with gusto, and full of distraction about which pie I will eat and about how much whip cream I can possibly consume without being labeled the Thanksgiving glutton.

Time to go and look up a few pie recipes. I’ll even buy a few at the store, to sample of course, before the big day. This Thanksgiving, I hope I’ve inspired you to remember all of us PIE PEOPLE and how much we love pie, and how much you really do too. And if you don’t, well, your time is coming. Oh, the cake people, you are truly lucky . . . birthdays are all year but pie season, it is short and sweet and I’ll need a drumroll here . . .

Viva la PIE!