I have a confession to make.

It’s not what you think. I wish it were something a little sexier but what it is just isn’t sexy at all. The truth is, I am a junky! A junky of the worst kind – a self-proclaimed ultimate and supreme bubble gum junky!

You can catch me blowing bubbles at all hours of the night, chewing and smacking and driving anyone in the near vicinity of my being crazy.  Sometimes I even shove 5 pieces in my mouth at once. Actually maybe even more. I even suffer from “bubblegumitis” at times – if you’re a gum chewer too you’ll know what I mean. Bubblegumitis is when your jaw aches from over chewing.

So this month with all this talk about the big vehicle bubble bursting, I thought I’d take my chance to do a little research on bubble gum and find out anything useful and entertaining to share on my favorite subject. I’m not going to win a Pulitzer Prize with this one but really; I’m not here to wow you with my knowledge and philosophies. I’m just writing this to make you smile and to give you a little break from whatever real issues you are dealing with at the moment.

Ten fun facts about the pink stuff:

Fact 1
The average American chews around 300 sticks of gum in a year.

Fact 2
San Luis Obispo, California, USA is the home of Bubble Gum Alley, which is an alley with brick walls covered with ABC (already-been-chewed) bubble gum wads.

Fact 3
The Official Gum of Major League Baseball is Bubble Yum bubblegum.

Fact 4
The color of the first successful bubble gum was pink, because it was the only color the inventor had left, and that remains the predominant color today.

Fact 5
Richard Walker holds the record for the Chomp Title by chewing 135 sticks of bubble gum for 8 hours. The first person to win the 'Chomp Title' was Sue Jordan, who chewed eighty pieces of Doublemint gum for five hours and twelve minutes! Clyde Steward McGehee, of North Carolina, broke that record by chewing 105 sticks of Juicy Fruit for six hours and Richard Walker broke that record by chewing 135 sticks of gum for eight hours.

Fact 6
The country with the largest number of chewing gum manufacturers is Turkey, with more then 60 producers.

Fact 7
The largest bubble ever blown was 23 inches in diameter. The record was set July 19, 1994 by Susan Montgomery Williams of Fresno, California. (Guinness Book of World Records 1998).

Fact 8
There are more than 1,000 varieties of gum manufactured and sold in the Untied States.

Fact 9
Chewing gum consumption varies by geography. In the U.S., people chew an average of 182 stick equivalents per person per year. In the U.K., the figure is 125 - it’s 103 in Germany, 84 in Russia, 20 in China, and 4 in India.

Fact 10
In 1928 the first successful bubble gum was invented. The first known bubble gum, "Blibber Blubber," appeared in 1906. It failed to catch on because it was too sticky and too brittle so it didn't hold together when it was chewed. The first successful bubblegum was invented by Walter E. Diemer in the summer of 1928. A 23-year-old accountant who knew nothing about chemistry, Diemer created his invention in a tiny laboratory in Philadelphia. The only food coloring he had on hand was pink - see Fact 4 above. "It was an accident," Mr. Diemer said in an interview with The Lancaster Intelligencer Journal in 1996. "I was doing something else and ended up with something with bubbles."

OK, time to get back to the real world and to stop blowing bubbles, at least for today.