In a rush today? Me too. Seems I’m always rushing here and there, with no time to stop and smell the roses. These days, most people think of multi-tasking as a good thing. In some cases, it does seem necessary and harmless. I mean who hasn’t skimmed through a magazine while watching the news and eating breakfast? It doesn’t really hurt anybody and for most of us, we are so used to it that we actually enjoy it.

But news is now emerging that too much multi-tasking and over-scheduling can eventually take a toll on our emotional health so if we’re not careful, we can soon find ourselves in a state of burn-out and exhaustion.

On that note, I’ve put together a few ways that we can all SLOW DOWN today . . . let’s try it together – can’t promise I’ll keep it up but for now, I’ll take a trip on the slow boat to happiness.


1. Slow your morning routine down by getting ready the night before. Give yourself plenty of time to roll out of bed by going to bed earlier – this way you will have plenty of snooze time in the a.m. Plan out what you will wear, what you will eat and what you need to bring with you as you head out the door. Not going anywhere, you can still slow down your morning routine. Savor that shower. Linger over that bagel. Take time to enjoy the quiet still of the morning.

2. Drive slow. No answering your cell phone or texting and driving. Leave with plenty of time to make it to your next destination. (Then you can laugh at the people who race you to the next inevitable stoplight.)

3. Make mealtime a time to slow down. Chew slowly and take the time to enjoy every bite. This will help you feel full quicker and eat less. Also, you won’t need Pepto-Bismol at the end of the day either. An added plus!

4. Single task at work. Pick one task and refuse to be interrupted until you finish it. Focus on it. Don’t check your email. Don’t pick up the phone (I know, easier said than done). Work from home? Work with kids? Focus on one thing at a time, even if that means coloring with the kids without checking your phone.

After you try these slow down strategies, you may be inspired to add more to the list For some reason, I’m feeling inspired to add one right now. I think I’m getting sleepy. ZZZZ. Just kidding, I’m not even on #1 yet.