Daylight Savings Time again? Really?

It’s a sneaky little thing!

Remind me again why we do this twice a year?

Oh yes, this clock switching business all began during World War I - a valiant effort to conserve precious fuel that was needed to create electric power. A good cause at the time, no doubt.

But if you’re anything like me, losing a precious hour of sleep once a year is enough to turn me into a bit of a grump. Then, after a few days of adjustment, it is possible for me to rise up and actually get excited about the changing of season. Now you can imagine me standing on the hilltop singing at the top of my lungs, “Spring, Glorious Spring! Welcome Back!” Ok, not really, that would be a little overboard (I’m a little too manly to play Julie Andrews) but I am genuinely excited about the promise of sunshine ahead.

Sunshine gets me thinking about Spring Break. Spring Break gets me thinking about vacation. Hmmm. This year why not consider vacationing at home? Staycations can be a great way to save a few bucks and to keep yourself from the exhaustion that can set in after a week of travel. You know that feeling of needing “a vacation from your vacation!”

Rather than dealing with airports and long car trips this spring, why not save your energy and stay close to home? But don’t spend the week on the couch (unless of course you really want to) - here’s a few ideas to make your STAYCATION fun and memorable – so this Spring Break why don’t you . . .

Visit a Farmers Market.

Plant a family garden.

Plan a field day.

Turn your home into a spa.

Throw a spring-themed cocktail party.

Embark on a cycling adventure.

Attend a concert in the park.

Go hiking.

Go to a ballgame.

Be a tourist for a day in your hometown.

Reserve a room at a local bed and breakfast.

Be artsy – visit a museum to see the latest installation!

Get creative – plan an arts and crafts day.

Volunteer your time.

Plan a lazy day (stay in your pajamas and watch movies all day).

Use these apps to save money and time over Spring Break:

Gas Buddy – Find the cheapest gas on the go for free
Urban Spoon – Search for local restaurants by neighborhood, cuisine or price (with reviews)
Living Social – Save money on everything you do from dining to working out.