Budget Car Sales of Muldraugh and Radcliff
Muldraugh Address: 716 S Dixie Hwy Muldraugh, Kentucky, 40155. Muldraugh Phone: 877 514 0994. Radcliff Address: 1535 S Dixie Blvd, Kentucky 40160. Radcliff Phone: 877-370-0690. Tony Malito, Car Dealer For The People.

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Attitude of Gratitude

The holidays are over and if you are anything like me, you might be facing a little post-Christmas guilt over how much money you spent making jolly this year. Or maybe you were fiscally mature this year, minding your budget, yet there is another area that is showing signs of overindulgence, your waistline. That fancy […]

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A December to Remember

Think back . . . way back . . . to a time when you didn’t pay taxes. To a time when December was clearly your favorite month. – a month filled with gumdrops and lollipops and presents and snow days and ok, fill in your own memory here. Now, many years later, sadly December […]

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Pie People Rejoice!

There are all kinds of people in this world. There are the wine versus beer people. The football versus soccer people. The health food versus junk food people. And then, and I know this from personal experience, there are the pie versus cake people. And I, I am a pie person and for all of […]

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How to Ensure a Back to School Stress Free Morning Routine

How to Ensure a Back to School Stress Free Morning Routine Come on! Let’s go! I have to go to work and you’re going to miss the bus! I don’t know where your favorite shirt is; it’s not my responsibility. What do you mean you did not do all of your homework? Did you brush […]

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Explosive 4th of July

Can you believe it has been 240 years since our Founding Fathers gave us our National Birth Certificate? We are still the longest on-going Constitutional Republic in the world. Congress voted to approve the separation from Great Britain on July 2, 1776. John Hancock and Charles Thompson signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. […]

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Top Ten Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Being a father is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs in life. Looking back on my childhood, I can remember so many special moments that I shared with my father. A father is important in a child’s life. He is highly respected and he is looked up to. Sometimes fathers are forgotten. That’s […]

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