Make The Grade

Out with the fun of summer and in with school ‘cause fall is officially here! And since September is National School Success Month, I’m sharing some fun tips to help your kiddos transition back into the classroom. 

Saved By The Bell—First day of school traffic can be a nightmare, especially if you’re navigating a new route for the first time, so it doesn’t hurt to take a test run to school a couple days before it’s officially back in session to ensure your little learner arrives on time on the big day.

En Route Entertainment—Depending on how long your commute to school is, the car ride can be a great opportunity to get some reading done. Whether your kid is just reading ahead for assignments or you enjoy a fun audio book together, books will help you both make the most of your time on the road.

The Price Is Right—It feels like that school supply list grows longer and longer every year. Big ticket items like backpacks, lunch boxes and binders can be particularly expensive. Fortunately, these supplies tend to get major markdowns about a week or two after school starts.

Brain Food—The right lunch can make or break your kid’s day. Foods high in protein and fiber like apples and yogurt will help them stay both focused in the classroom and energized on the playground.

After School Adventures—Getting involved in extracurriculars is a great way for your little learner to make friends, learn new skills and have fun at school outside of the classroom. From sports to the arts, your kid’s school is sure to have an activity they’ll love.

I hope this list helps you start another school year strong. I’m sure with these tips, great report cards are in your kid’s future.